Toni Strubell i Trueta

setembre 14
Dear Julian The whole of the Catalan nation is endebted to you for your amazing contribution to our struggle for freedom. Now we are celebrating the year’s anniversary of the most shameful attack on democracy you are so much in our thoughts. Catalonia is eternally grateful to you. When we are free, any you are free too, you will alwsys have a place in our Republic. Thank you for your incredible sacrifice. One day we will be putting Moreno, Rajoy and Sanchez into the past and achieving true democracy. It may never be perfect, but the mess we have now bears no comparison. We hope you are free soon dear Julian. You deserve a tribute from the whole free world. Catalonia will always be at your side. We will never be able to pay back to you all gave for our freedom and our right to vote. Maybe you don’t have the Internet. But believe me, the hostility suffered daily by Catalans, and the silence forthcoming from the UE, is thunderously loud.


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