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Què és Brave New World?
Dimarts, 20.10.2020. 17:29 h| Sense comentaris
BRAVE NEW EUROPE went online on 17 September 2017. It is an educational website publishing expertise with a radical face and attitude concerning European politics, economics, and environmental policy. We promote critical thinking and the creation of an alternative to neo-liberalism. It is the first pan-European educational platform to support a democratic exchange of ideas and to serve as an interface between experts and civil society groups supporting the creation of an egalitarian, just, sustainable, and social Europe. The editors are Mathew D. Rose, Nick Shaxson, David Shirreff, and Ben Wray. We have round 7,000 readers a week. Just a few days after its launch we posted our first article concerning Catalonia. Since then we have posted well over 200 articles mainly about the Catalan independence movement, but also politics, economy, labour movement, and history. Originally these articles were only posted in English, but in the meantime some are also in Catalan and Spanish. Among the authors are Toni Strubell, Núria Bassa, Chris Bambery, Alberto ‘Tito’ Álvarez, Sergi Cutillas, David Whyte, Ignasi Bernat, Carles Puigdemont, Yanis Varoufakis, Iñigo Urkullu, Aamer Anwar, George Kerevan, Eduard Márquez, Lluís Torrens-i-Mèlich. Paul Preston, Steven Forti, Luke Stobart, Milford Edge, Lucas Ferro, Toni Pérez, Ramón Grosfoguel, Colm Tóibín, Duroyan Fertl, Miguel Guerra, Georgina Blakeley, Roser Espelt Alba, Facund Fora, Sean Bell. We have also linked to articles in El Nacional.Cat Catalan News Vila Web. We work in cooperation with the Ekona Collective, Taxi Project 2.0, and the Catalan magazine Catarsi. We also cooperate closely with a number of Catalan academics and foreign academics who teach at Catalan universities concerning economics, politics, and climate change, such as Giorgos Kallis, Federico Demaria, Mònica Clua, and Sergi Cutillas.
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